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Raleigh Jobs

There are Raleigh jobs readily available in a wide variety of industries and specialties. With an unemployment rate of only 3.8 percent, which is .03 percent less than the national unemployment rate, the local economy is strong and growing. Several large employers in the area contribute significantly to the bustling economy.

Raleigh Jobs by Industry

Within Raleigh, the two top industry segments for employment opportunities are office and administration support and sales. Office and administration roles account for 15.1 percent of the total jobs in Raleigh, while sales jobs account for 12.1 percent. Office and administration jobs earn an average salary of approximately $17 per hour, and sales jobs earn just slightly less than $22 per hour. Both of these segments consistently offer entry-level positions with a lower barrier to entry and also potential part-time positions.


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Employers in Raleigh

Several large employers in the Raleigh area employ a large number of individuals locally. These firms offer a wide variety of jobs within multiple industries and for applicants with different skill sets. First, the State of North Carolina currently employs over 24,000 Raleigh citizens. Next, the Wake County Public School System employs just under 19,000 employees. As well, IBM Corporation employs approximately 10,000 employees locally. All three of these employers consistently offer job opportunities.

In 2018, some new developments planned in Raleigh will encourage increased growth rates. Union Station will replace the existing Amtrac station and the existing Moore Square

station. This project will cost nearly $80 million by completion and will provide a convenient transportation hub for individuals, along with many opportunities for new jobs. There are also plans for the Morgan Street Food Hall and Market, which will bring together many new eateries and restaurants and, again, offer a multitude of Raleigh jobs.

With the low unemployment rate, strong local economy and active major employers in the area, Raleigh is poised for continued growth. Raleigh jobs will continue to be available with these extended periods of growth and offer opportunities to job seekers.

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